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The Striving for Eternity Academy is online discipleship equipping people for eternity. Laying a foundation of Bible interpretation and systematic theology that many would get in higher education. This foundation provides clear teaching from the Word of God to answer the questions of life in the areas of social and moral ethics.

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School of Systematic Theology
Book 4: Ecclesiology & Eschatology

Past Classes

School of Biblical Hermaneutics

How do I begin to understand the Bible? In this course learn the basics of how to read, study, interpret and apply Biblical truth.

School of Systematic Theology

From Bibliology to Eschatology, in this course we explain important Biblical doctrines and how they apply to the Christian life.

School of Discipleship

As Believers, we are called to make disciples. As we learn in this course, that goes much further than sharing the gospel – in fact- that is only the beginning.

School of World Religions

Have you ever wondered what some of the major religions teach on the nature of God, salvation or Jesus Christ? This study looks at key elements 5 major world religions.

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