Jersey Fire is designed to equip Christians to talk to the lost, and immediately put what they learn at the conference in practice with guidance and support from seasoned evangelists. There will be so many others practicing evangelism at this event that you can watch others until you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and get fired up. There is no better way to grow spiritually than to OBEY the Savior who died for you and warn the lost of the fire to come. Many will find a spiritual transformation after a day of evangelism!!

Spreading the Fire events cost us almost $80 per person. We ask if you are able to please make a donation to help cover the costs for this event including speakers, tracts, snacks, coffee, resource bags, giveaways, etc. If you could support with more, you will be helping to provide for others to attend.


If you would like to be a sponsor, we have 3 levels of sponsorship
$500+ Sponsor will enjoy a private Friday dinner with our speakers and $100 worth of books and resources.
$250+ sponsor will receive over $75 worth of books, tracts and other resources.
$150+ sponsor will receive over $25 worth of books, tracts and other resources.
We ship the resources to sponsors that cannot attend. Thanks for helping others attend these events.




Andrew is the founder of Striving For Eternity Ministries. He is a Bible teacher, conference speaker, author and has written numerous Biblical studies used internationally. Andrew has written and taught seminars on Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology and An Introduction to World Religions and Cults. Andrew has spoken at many different venues on many different topics, speaking at Universities, churches, conferences, on the streets, etc., on topics such as Darwin vs. the Bible, The Existence of God and the Credibility of the Bible, The Uniqueness of Christianity, Misconceptions of Christianity, etc.


R. Frank Mullis, Jr. has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Eastern US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Frank has spoken in churches, on university cam
puses, in schools, and in youth detention centers and prisons. Frank has been in the ministry since 1990, focusing his attention in the areas of Preaching, Teaching and Counseling.
Frank began his ministry in 1990, as Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church Hayneville in Hayneville, Georgia. In 1993, he served as Summer Minister of Youth at Hardwick Baptist Church in Hardwick, Georgia. In 1995, he began full time ministry as the Minister of Youth and Senior Adults at Tennille Baptist Church, in Tennille, Georgia. In 1996, He moved to North Carolina to become Minister of Youth at North Henderson Baptist Church in Henderson, North Carolina. In 1998, Frank left Youth Ministry to serve as Senior Pastor of Reedy Creek Baptist Church, in Macon, North Carolina. Frank currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Devereux Baptist Church in Devereux, Georgia and as a Licensed Professional counselor specializing in Sex Offender Counseling.
Frank also has a love for teaching. From 2000-2004, Frank served as a teacher for Neuse Baptist Christian School. From 2002 to 2004, he became Adjunct Instructor of Religion for Vance Granville Community College, where he taught World Religion, New Testament and Old Testament. He currently is serving on the Board of Directors of Striving For Eternity Ministries, where he also coordinates events and serves as a speaker.
R. Frank Mullis, Jr. earned Master of Divinity in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000 and a Master of Theological Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as well in 2004. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri.
Roslyn Mullis is the godly and supportive wife who has played a tremendous role in all that the Lord has called Frank to do. They have been married since 1996 and have four beautiful daughters, Catherine, Rachel, Emily and Ashley. They now live in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Tim Hurd

Tim (the Bible Thumping Wingnut) is a wretched sinner saved by and for the glory of our Lord and King Jesus. His walk has not always been faithful but all praise to God for He remained faithful and has never forsaken Tim throughout his sanctification process.

Tim has 12 years of full time ministry experience as an associate pastor & missionary. Currently a layperson, he is ministering via social media, Christian podcasting, personal and occasional street evangelism. His experience includes running of large and small evangelistic outreaches, training of local church leaders, pulpit supply, street preaching, conference and youth camp speaker, event emcee & evangelistic rally preacher.

In 2012 Tim started the Bible Thumping Wingnut Youtube channel with the intention of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging other Christians in their walk. God has used the BTWN Youtube channel to reach thousands with the gospel in almost every country in the world. With over 24,000 views and almost 7,500 hours of logged viewership per month God has seen fit to use Tim’s youtube ministry greatly.

In 2014 Tim began the Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast with fellow YouTube Christian Len Pettis & online Christian Apologist Colin Pearson.

In 2016 the BTWN Podcast became a podcast network which has grown to 10 podcasts.

Born and raised in upstate NY Tim now lives in the Philadelphia PA area. He has been blessed with a wonderful wife, four children and two grandchildren.


Dr. Anthony Silvestro was once an unsaved evolutionist but now is an avid Biblical creationist – teaching adults and kids alike that God didn’t create man from baboons, and that the Bible can be trusted from beginning to end, starting with the book of Genesis!

As a graduate of Mike Riddle’s Creation College (former speaker for Answers in Genesis), and after years of study, Dr. Silvestro speaks on Biblical Creation and how science supports the Biblical account of creation as well as the age of the earth.  Some of these topics include: The Relevance of Genesis, Noah’s Ark and Flood, The Lie of Evolution, The Significance of the Tower of Babel, dinosaurs, and radiometric dating methods.  Christians have benefitted by his teaching at conferences, youth groups, and Christian radio shows.  He will also come to your church to train your church members to teach others through an abbreviated 1 day class or an extended 12-hour training class, whether it is over a two-day weekend or a 12-week period!

Dr. Silvestro also enjoys teaching presuppositional apologetics, the biblical apologetic method, to help equip Christians to proclaim the Gospel.

Dr. Anthony R Silvestro, Jr., resides in the Cleveland, OH area with his wife Julie, and his son, Anthony III.   After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Chemistry from Baldwin-Wallace College, he attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and received his dental degree.  Dr. Silvestro practices general dentistry and is also trained in most of the dental specialties.


July 7-8, 2017

The main conference door open at 5 pm on Friday until 10 pm and Saturday the doors open at 8 am and conference ends at 5 pm followed by evangelism until 10-11pm (or whenever you need to leave).


Faith Baptist Church

1528 U.S. Route 9

Toms River, NJ 08755


$80 suggested donation

Mail your check to:
Striving for Eternity
P.O. Box 189
Jackson, NJ 08527-0189


There are a number hotels located within a short drive of the church. There may be an opportunity to stay with a host family from the church. Please contact us if you are in need of lodging assistance for the duration of the conference.