The Most Important Message You Will Ever Hear


An audio gospel track containing a 26 minutes gospel presentation.

1-5 CDs – $5.00 each
6-25 CDs – $3.50 each
26-50 CDs – $2.50 each
51-100 CDs – $1.50 each
100+ CDs – $1.00 each

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Many people will throw anyway a paper gospel track but will hold on to this audio CD because it has a greater intrinsic value. Sometimes you start a conversation and the person has to go. This is a great product to leave with them to know that they will get a full gospel message. This audio CD will explain the problems with evolutionary thinking and lead a person through God’s law to see their need for Christ. This CD can be customized for your church or organization with your name and website instead of ours.


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