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When we say ‘Yes’ and God says ‘No’

Have you ever asked God for something that you really desired, but God answered you with a “no”? King David provides an example of how to respond properly to God in this situation.

God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility in Salvation

The issue of God’s sovereignty in the act of salvation has been debated for centuries. Much of the discussion has really been about terms, not doctrine. In his message for the Jersey Shore Missions Conference, Andrew sought to approach this issue from the Scriptures rather than from a theological system’s perspective. Many consider this message one of his most helpful.

Biblical View of Tongues

The current charismatic movement sees tongues as a most important gift with such a great priority that all should strive to speak in tongues. Proponents also teach that it is a gift from God to edify oneself. Is this what Paul taught? This paper is an overview of 1 Corinthians 12-14, specifically focusing on Paul’s instruction and how it applies to today’s charismatic movement.

Have tongues ceased?

Has the gift of tongues ceased? Much depends on a proper interpretation of one word in 1 Corinthians 13:10: “perfect.” What is “perfect”? Has it come already? If it has, then the gift of tongues will have ceased.

Is it possible to lose your salvation?

Many believe that Hebrews 6:4-6 teaches that a Christian can lose their salvation. This is a careful study of the passage to examine if that is the correct interpretation of the passage.

Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Elder

This important message aims to encourage every godly pastor. Every church member should read this message for a better appreciation of a godly pastor.

Political Activism: The Christian’s Role

Many American Christians are involved in the political process. We have a civic responsibility to be informed voters. However, is the Christian’s mission to make America a moral society? This paper explains the Scriptures’ view of political activism and the Christian’s role.

A Biblical view of music

Music can become a divisive issue if the focus moves from God to people. This paper addresses this oft-debated topic in church worship today.

An overview of New Covenant Theology

Many people falsely believe that Systematic Theology dates back to Augustine in the fourth century.  The system of theology, called “Covenant Theology”, most often thought of as dating back that far.  However, the history of theological systems is a relatively new theological study.  It is only in the last four to five hundred years of development that the studies of theological systems have developed.