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Striving for Eternity is a Christ-centered ministry focused on equipping people for eternity by assisting Christians to have an eternal perspective on life. We provide resources and answers to many Biblical questions. Striving for Eternity is dedicated to the striving in the Believer’s life to live for eternity in mind and not for the temporal life. We strive to bring evangelism, discipleship, apologetics and Christian living together for the purpose of eternal preparation by exalting God, edifying and equipping the saints and evangelizing the lost.


Andrew Rappaport is the founder and president of Striving for Eternity Ministries and the executive director of the Christian Podcast Community. He is the host of several podcasts; Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report, Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report Daily, Apologetics Live,  and So You Want to be a Podcaster. Andrew is the author of the books  What Do They Believe, which is a systematic theology of the major western religions, and What Do We Believe, which is a systematic theology of the Christian faith. He also contributed to other books like On the Origins of Kinds and Sharing the Good News with Mormons. Andrew established Equip Conferences (formally Spread the Fire), evangelism training and outreach events. He is the instructor for the Striving for Eternity Academy, an online school that teaches hermeneutics and systematic theology.

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R. Frank Mullis, Jr. has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Eastern US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Frank has spoken in churches, on university campuses, in schools, and in youth detention centers and prisons. Frank has been in the ministry since 1990, focusing his attention in the areas of Preaching, Teaching and Counseling.



Dr. Anthony Silvestro was once an unsaved evolutionist but now is an avid Biblical creationist – teaching adults and kids alike that God didn’t create man from baboons, and that the Bible can be trusted from beginning to end, starting with the book of Genesis!

Dr. Silvestro can be contacted by email or phone to book a training seminar at your church!


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