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Meet AMBrewster


Aaron Brewster is the president of Evermind Ministries, chief editor for Striving for Eternity, and a member of the Christian Podcast Network. He is an ACBC-certified biblical counselor, writer, preacher, and conference speaker. In addition, he’s the host of the Truth.Love.Parent. podcast and The Celebration of God podcast.
Aaron counsels and speaks on a wide range of topics, but he specializes in the areas of family, discipleship, education, and worship, as well as training the next generation of biblical counselors.
Having been a family counselor since 2007, an associate administrator at Schaumburg Christian School, director of Schaumburg Christian Day Camp, and lead residential counselor at Victory Academy for Boys, Aaron has extensive experience with at-risk teens, broken families, struggling marriages, and parenting difficult children.
Aaron is working through the final stages of his book called “Quit: God’s Cure for Family Strife” which will be available for sale on the Evermind App.
Aaron was born again at the age of 9 and dedicated himself to full-time Christian service at 12. He earned his MS in Biblical Counseling from Bob Jones Seminary, and a BA in Camp Ministry from Bob Jones University. He, his wife, and their two children currently live in Brevard, NC.
In his free time, Aaron is into beekeeping, gardening, martial arts, mountain biking, writing & performing music, poetry, rock climbing, survival training, tabletop games, ultimate frisbee, and white-water rafting.
The Evermind Ministries family includes Faithtree Biblical Counseling & Discipleship, Truth.Love.Family., and The Year Long Celebration of God. Visit the website and download the Evermind App to learn more.

Aaron’s Testimony

I made a profession of faith at the age of 5, but it was motivated out of nothing more than a juvenile sense of self-preservation. For this reason and more, I struggled for many years with assurance of salvation (because I wasn’t truly born again). When I was 9 my mother sat me down to confront me about my life choices. She observed that everything in my life–good and bad–seemed motivated by nothing more than my personal pleasure. She explained that though Christians aren’t perfect, they are growing in their desire to please the Lord even when it may be uncomfortable for them. She questioned my salvation and encouraged me to do the same.

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