Andrew Rappaport

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Meet Andrew Rappaport

Founder and President

Andrew Rappaport is the founder and president of Striving for Eternity Ministries and the executive director of the Christian Podcast Community. He is the host of several podcasts; Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report, Andrew Rappaport’s Daily Rapp Report, Apologetics Live, and So, You Want to be a Podcaster.

Andrew is the author of the books What Do They Believe, which is a systematic theology of the major western religions, and What Do We Believe, which is a systematic theology of the Christian faith. He also contributed to other books like On the Origins of Kinds and Sharing the Good News with Mormons. Andrew established Equip Conferences (formally Spread the Fire), evangelism training and outreach events.

He is the instructor for the Striving for Eternity Academy, an online school that teaches hermeneutics and systematic theology.

Andrew’s Testimony

I woke up suddenly to the sound of a siren and much commotion downstairs. I ran into the hallway where I met up with Ellen, my younger sister. We both ran to see what was happening. My older brother was already at the bottom of the stairs. My parents were gone, but my aunt was there. She was trying to explain to us that my mother had to be taken to the hospital. We did not really understand. I was only nine at the time, and my sister was six.

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