AMBrewster’s Testimony


Written by Aaron Brewster

June 22, 2023

AMBrewster is the newest member of the Striving for Eternity speaking team. He is available for virtual and in-person events. Learn more about him and the topics on which he speaks here.
The following is Aaron’s testimony.
I made a profession of faith at the age of 5, but it was motivated by nothing more than a juvenile sense of self-preservation. For this reason and more, I struggled for many years with the assurance of salvation (because I wasn’t truly born again). When I was 9 my mother sat me down to confront me about my life choices. She observed that everything in my life–good and bad–seemed motivated by nothing more than my personal pleasure. She explained that though Christians aren’t perfect, they are growing in their desire to please the Lord even when it may be uncomfortable for them. She questioned my salvation and encouraged me to do the same.
I remember being offended, but as time passed, her words, my own doubts, and the Holy Spirit’s conviction revealed that I had never entered into a saving relationship with God. I was trusting my own efforts for my own satisfaction. I came to realize that my Creator God deserved to be followed for His own glory, not my ease. By His grace, I was born again later that year at the age of 9.
When I turned 12, I dedicated my life to the Lord for full-time Christian service. Since then, the Holy Spirit has confirmed my relationship with Him by sanctifying me in ways that my sinful flesh could never have on its own. It’s been a rough road by virtue of my own stubbornness, but I praise God that He is conforming me to His image from one degree of glory to another.
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