Apologetics Live: Hebrew Israelites Return

Written by Josiah Nichols

June 8, 2023

Star of David Hebrew IsraelitesOn this episode of Apologetics Live, the Hebrew Israelites return with questions for Andrew Rappaport.[1] Andrew has just turned fifty-five (the speed limit of New Jersey) and is joined by Drew Von Nieda at the mic. His questioner is Asha, a Hebrew Israelite.


During the show, Drew mentions that he’s training for a new job and that he needs prayers. 

In the News

Andrew and Drew discuss how the culture is now celebrating incest. They believe that a push to normalize pedophilia and bestiality is to follow and that God’s people need to keep preaching and modeling biblical sexuality. Drew points out that everything vile was flourishing in Rome, but the Christians stood strong. In the same way, Christians need to hold fast to the gospel and be lights to the culture. In conclusion, the CDC just announced that vaccinated people can spread COVID-19. This was something Striving for Eternity has been saying for three years. Next time the CDC should just consult Striving for Eternity to catch up to the science. 

Hebrew Israelites Questions Concerning Moab

The first question Asha, the Hebrew Israelite, brings up concerns Numbers 24. Andrew lays out the immediate context to rightly interpret this passage. The main character is Balaam, and if one reads Numbers 22, 23, and 24, Balaam looks like a pretty good guy. He is an oracle, a prophet of Yahweh. He is asked by the king of Moab to curse the Israelites for money, and God gave Balaam over to his desire for wealth. 

On his way to curse the nation of Istrael, Baalam’s donkey sees the Lord is going to kill Balaam at the hand of an angel and stops moving toward the angel. The donkey eventually talks to Balaam, and Balaam decides to listen to the Lord. When he arrives, instead of cursing the Children of Israel, Balaam blesses them three times. Balaam wants the money, but also wants to seem spiritual in how he acquires it, so he tells the king to give the Israelites Moabite wives, and then God will curse them. 

With the background for Numbers 24 laid, Asha then reads Numbers 24:17-19. The Hebrew Israelite understanding is that this passage is talking about Christ. However, according to the context, Andrew says this is talking about Israel conquering Moab and the surrounding area. Since Moab was not truly crushed until David’s time, it could be talking about David, but it’s more likely Israel will conquer the surrounding nations when they enter the land. 


As Jason Cave said in the comments section. “There is only one interpretation. The one intended by God as discerned by the Holy Spirit using the proper hermeneutic.” Andrew Rappaport demonstrated how to follow proper biblical interpretation by reading the passage in the surrounding cultural and geographical context as well as preferring the natural reading of the passage.

He also mentioned that if you want more biblical resources for studying the Scriptures, check out the store at strivingforeternity.org/store. In addition, there are many articles on the website to encourage you to dive deeper into God’s Word. Please also check out Apologetics Live at ApologeticsLive.com where Andrew Rappaport, Dr. Anthony Silvestro, and Justin Pierce answer your questions and teach you how to defend the faith. You can watch from 8pm-10pm EST. Also, do not forget to check out the Rapp Report where you can hear the teaching of Andrew Rappaport and the Christian Podcast Community. May the Lord bless you as you study His Word.

[1] Andrew Rappaport, “Hebrew Israelites Return, then Q&A” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10K0ljVxSd8

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