To the Golden Shore: the Life of Adoniram Judson by Courtney Anderson   Overview   The life and ministry of Adoniram Judson, the first foreign missionary from N. America to Burma. This is a must-read by every believer!   Summary   The book is written in a wonderful story format. The narrator takes you into […]

Reset for Parents: How to Keep Your Kids from Backsliding By Todd Friel      Book Overview    “The statistic that 60-80% of our kids “lose the faith” reveals that Christian parents are producing more false converts than true. Clearly we are doing something wrong. It is time for an examination of our Christian parenting […]

Introduction   We begin here with an in-depth study of the Book of Jude. Historically, we know that Apostasy had crept into the church. The church has always been assailed by evil men. These wicked men prey on the weak and spiritually immature. Jude is writing to warn us about such men. It is these […]

The New Calvinism by Josh Buice Book Overview “Will the New Calvinism last?” A focus on sola Scriptura, ecclesiology and commitment to the local church, pursuit of holiness, the work of the Holy Spirit in ministry and living, and a call to biblical discernment: without these things New Calvinism is just a fad.   Who […]

Committing Our Ways By Melissa Longoria, Meredith Moore, and Allyson Underwood Book Overview This book gives a profound biblical view of seeking contentment. Even though the authors are writing from a perspective of singleness, it is a gem of a book with so much to offer women in all seasons of life: single, married, widowed […]

The church is an Extension of Your Family   Your church should be an extension of your own family, for they are your spiritual family. Your church family walks with you during life’s difficult trials and rejoices with you during life’s celebrations. It is a close-knit family from various walks of life and backgrounds, coming […]

Robert felt in his heart that he was prone to wander. Even our feelings wander about. One moment we can be completely and utterly happy. The very next we can be in the pit of despair. Our feelings are not to be a trustworthy gauge of what is true, we should cling to Scripture for that. But our feelings can indeed tell us a bit about what is going on inside of our hearts.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all.” Philippians 4:5 The Bible is replete with commands for us to be gentle. I know some people who have a lot of gentleness. And these are the people whom I admire the most. This is because gentleness doesn’t come very naturally to me. But the more I study, […]

My husband and I attended the G3 Conference this year. The focus was on worship. The pastors elaborated on all aspects of worship, in our homes with our children, during the worship service at church, and as an active part of how we live our life from day to day. The Sunday following the conference, […]

There is one event a year that I get head-over-heels excited about. While I love holidays and vacations – I am so much more excited about attending the G3 Convention than going anywhere else. This year, the focus of the convention is on Worship. Since Striving for Eternity will be represented at the convention, I […]