Andrew talks with Dawain Atkinson from The B.A.R. Podcast about black churches in a America. B.A.R. stands for Biblical and reformed. Dawain discusses his upbringing and how he came to Christ. He was in the Word of Faith movement and at one point even called an “apostle”.  He went from being a player to an “apostle” to being reformed. Dawain shares how men like Justin Peters, John MacArthur and others helped him come to biblical faith. Then the discussion came to how did he lead his wife out of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Dawain gives good advice for leading a wife to a Biblical position.

Andrew and Dawain discuss the black churches and reformed theology. They discuss the emotional style of worship from the music to the preaching. Dawain points out that thinking is not encouraged in the Word of Faith movement. the behavior is a learned response. Andre refers to a video of a girl “preaching” with this trained style ( They also discuss the music in the black community with the rap or hip hop.

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