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The Kid Needs a Heavenly Father

Each day is different.  Sometimes she is the sweetest kid.  Sometimes she flips out over the littlest thing.  But each day is an adventure.  It is honestly one of the most challenging things we have ever done. Fostering.  But I don't even want to compare that to the...

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Testimony of Anthony Silvestro

My Brief Christian Testimony Dr. Anthony R Silvestro, Jr As a first-generation Italian, I was “born” into Roman Catholicism. Throughout my entire childhood, our family attended church. We considered ourselves “good” Catholic people since we went to church 3 guaranteed...

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Understanding Depression

What is Depression?   Depression is a multifaceted issue. Psychology has given us a handy label for these particular set of emotions. However, a label does not tell us the cause or the treatment. It is used to describe a particular set of emotions without any...

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Understanding Anger

Emotions: God’s and Man’s   The Bible is full of descriptions of emotions: both God’s and man’s. God has revealed this aspect of Himself to us. He has revealed His emotion’s to us, so that we can learn from them so that we may honor and glorify Him in all aspects...

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