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What is Salvation in Roman Catholicism?

The RCC believes that there are two elements necessary for justification before God (i.e. salvation): faith and works.  This was the issue during the reformation when the reformers argued that salvation was by “faith alone” and not by works.  The RCC believes both are...

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What is Sin in Roman Catholicism?

The RCC believes that all humans, except Mary, are born with the affects of original sin.  However, baptism removes the affects of original sin and leaves the person with a wounded nature or weakness toward sin.  The RCC clearly believes that man’s will is completely...

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Who is God in Roman Catholicism?

The RCC “never ceases to proclaim her faith in one only God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit” (152).  The RCC believes the “Trinity is One. [They] do not confess three Gods, but one God in three persons … The divine persons do not share the one divinity among themselves...

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Authority in Islam

Background Islam is the youngest of the world’s major religions originated in the seventh century with the life and mission of Muhammad.  It was not a totally new religion.  Its conceptual roots are in Judaism and Christianity.  Muslims see their religion as a...

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Refuting Islam in three minutes

What Changed One Muslim’s Thinking Sometime ago, I was with an acquaintance of mine, Scotty, who was open air preaching in Newport Beach, California.  Scotty had set up a heckler’s box for his hecklers to stand on, and this particular time, on the box was a Muslim...

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