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Common Grace and the Human Condition

Common Grace     God loves His creation because He is a benevolent Creator. The blessing that He bestows on His creation is called Common Grace. This blessing extends to not just the elect, *but also to the reprobate. We can see Common Grace in the love of a...

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Are You a Spiritual Person?

Years ago I worshipped.  I worshipped a god. Not the true God.  It was a god I created.  I worshipped a god I created in my own image.  I thought I was a "spiritual person". Many people find themselves in this place.  It is a common claim to be "spiritual." But what...

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Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind? By M. Ashley Evans   About Prayer     Prayer is a vital aspect of the Christian’s daily walk with Christ and essential for our journey on the road of progressive sanctification.  R.C. Sproul calls prayer the “secret of...

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