Background Islam is the youngest of the world’s major religions originated in the seventh century with the life and mission of Muhammad.  It was not a totally new religion.  Its conceptual roots are in Judaism and Christianity.  Muslims see their religion as a continuation and rectification of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Born in Mecca 570 A.D, […]

What Changed One Muslim’s Thinking Sometime ago, I was with an acquaintance of mine, Scotty, who was open air preaching in Newport Beach, California.  Scotty had set up a heckler’s box for his hecklers to stand on, and this particular time, on the box was a Muslim woman. This woman, who had identified herself as […]

Salvation to a Muslim seems to be based on a desire to avoid hell and receive pleasures and happiness.  Throughout the Qur’an, the principal motivation for accepting God and believing in His revelation appears to be fear: fear of the last judgment and fear of eternal damnation.  There is not as strong view of salvation […]

Islam does not espouse the doctrine of original sin.  Islam teaches that the sinner alone, the individual person and not his ancestors or descendants, is responsible for his actions; there is no inherited sin on the soul to be purged as a condition of entry into the faith.  Islam teaches that all good is from […]

Paradise (Heaven) The name most frequently given to paradise, the abode of the blessed, is Janna [garden].  The description of paradise in the Qur’an shows that it is essentially a place of sensual delights in which there are beautiful women, couches covered with rich brocades, flowing cups and luscious fruits. Heaven is for the righteous.  […]

Paganism is offensive to a Muslim.  Islam believes in strict monotheism.  Islam does not accept any God that has multiple persons as a Godhead. They would believe that to be polytheism.  Islam denies the Trinity because it misunderstands the definition to be referring to the three gods as consisting of Father (Allah), Mother (Mary) and […]

Islam often refers to Jesus as “the son of Mary”.  This phrase displays that he is merely human not Divine.  Jesus is a messenger of Allah, along with Abraham, Moses and Noah. And remember We took from the prophets their covenant: As (We did) from thee: from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary: […]