Theology Gals

Encouragement for Singles

Theology Gals | Episode 116 This week Coleen and Angela talk to Jean Keeley about singleness. Jean offers encouragement to other singles. The gals also discuss singles and the Church. Women can join our Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and...

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Lordship Controversy

Theology Gals | Episode 112 Coleen and Angela tackle the Lordship controversy on this week's episode. The controversy was a debate between dispensationalists and yet some in the Reformed will claim to hold to Lordship Salvation. The gals explain how both sides are...

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Wisdom with Money

Theology Gals | Episode 110 This week Coleen and Angela address being wise with our money. Below you'll find an outline of the topics discussed. Budgeting Budgeting software options Work on your budget together as a couple Budget for everything Getting out of debt Pay...

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