Let The Children Come

I believe Martin Luther King Jr said the most segregated time of the week is Sunday at 11am. He was referring to the racial divide in the churches.  This was and may still be a problem.  But I want to consider here another segregation that continues in our churches at...

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Did You Say “Grace”?

Grace! God is holy, righteous, and good.  Man is unholy, unrighteous, and sinful.  We do nothing but sin against God.  We disobey His commands.  Even when we do seemingly good things they are usually in vain.  We cannot stand before God and expect to not be judged and...

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I Was Shown Mercy Because of a Card

Breaking the Law     "The bearer of this card is an immediate family member of a police officer.  Please extend all courtesies." I was pulled over once by a police officer.  I saw him turn around and follow me.  He hadn't turned his lights on yet, but I...

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