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Podcast Originals

The podcasts find their home in the community of CPC. Please listen, interact, support and share the ministry of this teaching.

Rapp Report – Andrew Rappaport

This daily 2 Minute Podcast centers on many doctrinal, practical, and important issues for the believer and the church.

Apologetics Live – Matt Slick & Andrew Rappaport

Thursday Nights LIVE Apologetics!


Theology Answers – Edward Dalcour & James H. Tippins

Theologically rich, sound, and applicable discussions on matters relating to church history, textual criticism, biblical interpretation, ecclesiology, and much more!


Theology Gals – Coleen Sharp

What these gals have to say is vitally important for the local church and the Christian Faith.

 Justin Peters

Your resident expert for all things “mania” including NAR and false teaching with a zing. Justin can help you navigate the waters of false faith healers and charlatans.