This week's Rapp Report is one you should not listen to. In this episode, we prove that transgender is an makes the arguments for atheism self-refuting.

Chaz Bono says, “There's a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99% of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, their mismatch. That's all it is. It's not complicated, it's not a neurosis. It's a mix up. It's a birth defect, like a cleft palate.” This quote is an attempt to normalize the definition by providing new terms. When we deal with transgender is and we're dealing with a new definition of terminology in an attempt to normalize something that was previously identified as a mental illness.

One transgender remembrance Day poster stated, “34% of trans people attempt suicide.  64% are bullied.  73% of trans people are harassed in public.  21% of trans people avoid going out in public due to fear.”  Now even if the statistics are accurate, there is no comparison to the statistics and other groups. Many teenagers attempt suicide, and are believed, and are harassed in public, and avoid going public due to fear.  But should that mean that we should change society to accept those who feel fearful, or should we encourage those who are doing the bullying to refrain?  In fact, what we see in our culture today is that the LGTB community are the ones that bully any who do not celebrate their perversion.

We see this argument for celebration in a quote from Andreja Pejic, “We’re human beings, and this is a human life. This is reality for us, and all we ask for is acceptance and validation for what we say that we are.  It is a basic human right.”  This statement is a logical fallacy known as begging the question.  It assumes a fundamental human right to prove that it is a basic human right.  Throughout this argument I would challenge someone to ask the question does this apply to the serial rapist or serial murderer?  The serial rapist wants to be left alone and feels that they are born this way.  Should they be celebrated?  Should they be accepted?  Should they be validated?  There is a difference between the way we are born and the responsibility we have to behave in society.

As we embark on this discussion, we must remember that we are talking about people and not issues.  These are individuals who are struggling both to fit in with society and themselves.  Most of them are not trying to make some political statement.  However, they do want acceptance from the culture.  Many of them are being caught in the crossfire between those who want to argue for political issues.  As Christians, we need to be more focused on the people who will face a living God as the judge than the issues of the country.

Let us begin, with the question of what is transgenderism? Up until recent years, one's gender had been determined by biology, whether they had the chromosomes for male or female. Gender had always been a scientific issue based on anatomy and the chemistry of the chromosomes.  Transgenderism has to do with the way people think or feel their gender is, rather than what their chromosomes or anatomy prove.  Therefore, transgenderism has more to do with the way people feel or identified themselves than the chemical makeup of the body.  Thus this is not about biology but the soul.  This is not about science.  It is about psychology.  If transgenderism is true then we are more than just chemical reactions as atheism argues.

We must recognize, that a majority of children who experienced strong feelings that they were born in the wrong gender to have those feelings disappear entirely by adolescents.  Therefore, we should not encourage this sort of thinking and assume that the majority of children will grow out of it.

There are many theories about why people have gender dysphoria, whether it be the thought that people have a male brain in a female body where female brains in a male body or the thought that one's psychological environment in childhood is the dominant factor.  No one really knows what the cause is of gender dysphoria.  Then again, neither does anyone know the reason of the serial rapist and murderer.  There are many factors that can come into play, but should we accept this as normal?

One of the big things we must address in our culture is the fact that we have moved from a thinking, reasoning society to a feeling based society.  This becomes a significant issue for the atheists.  Atheists like to argue that they have reason and science on their side.  However, many atheists are claiming and pushing transgenderism as normal.  I saw this first hand at the 2016 reason rally, which is an atheist rally to promote atheism in politics.  Their primary platform was pushing the LGTB agenda.

Transgenders speak about the differences between the gender they were assigned at birth and the gender that they identify us.  When they speak of gender identity they mean, a person's internal sense of their own gender.  This proves atheism false as feelings are not a chemical reaction but something of the immaterial element of the spirit of a human being.  When atheists argue that human beings are nothing more than chemical reactions and purely material elements, they do not realize that they have no answer for transgender identity.  If we are just the products of the chemical reactions, then those people who are born male will chemically react as males, and those that are born female will chemically react as females.  Therefore the acceptance of transgender identity defeats the argument for atheism.  Transgender identity is not based on chemical reactions, chromosomes or anatomy.  It is based on something outside of the material world.  Therefore, if there is an immaterial part of human beings, then we are more than just the result of chemical reactions.

We should not be surprised by any of this, for we have a society that has attempted to reject biblical revelation and the concept of objective truth.  When a culture thinks that truth is subjective, it is not to allow any external authority outside of the individual, whether that be a government, religion or family, tell them what to do.  This is why our culture values the autonomy of the individual.  We have a culture in which no one is supposed to challenge the way an individual identifies themselves (unless your Christian).  As we have seen earlier, this does not seem to apply to those who identified themselves as rapists and murderers.  Therefore, our culture does make distinctions between the inclinations in which someone is born in the behavior the culture will accept.

The culture for a long time has been at war with Christianity.  Marriage has been under attack for a long time.  Now we have the gender issue being attacked.  Atheists have supported much of this.  They support this because they have an enemy in Christianity that they seek to defeat.  However, in their attempt to defeat Christianity they have accepted an argument that defeats their own worldview.  As we now address the issue of transgender identity, we move from the realm of science (were atheists claim they have all the evidence) to the realm of psychology.

In the realm of psychology we must quote expert, Dr. Paul R.  McHugh, the former psychiatrist in chief for John Hopkins Hospital in its current distinguished service Prof. of Psychiatry, who said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. (

Elan Anthony, who transition from a male to female at age 19 and transition back 20 years later, would agree with this assessment.  He states, “I started to realize that I could have dealt with my own issue so much better without changing my body because that has brought so many more difficulties.  Detransitioning isn’t as unusual as you might expect, but it is underground, for a number of reasons, and the trans community isn’t happy discussing this.” (

Many atheists have a great desire to overturn God's divine order and in doing so want to overturn God’s created order of male and female, but in turn defeat their own worldview. One must ask where does the insanity stop?  People seem to be able to see a difference with Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights activists, who claimed that she identified as being black though she was born white.  People can see a difference in the fact that she identified as black when she was not and yet they do not see the same argument when it comes to gender identity.

The damage this is doing to our society will not be known for many years.  A group of American pediatrics have been outspoken against the practice of providing hormone treatment to children.  They made a statement that said, “young children are being permanently sterilized and surgically maimed under the guise of treating a condition that would otherwise resolve in over 80% of them.  This is criminal.”

One underlying issue with transgender identity is the idea or concept the true freedom is found in asserting our radical independence in trying to be what we identify rather than what we are.  The Bible teaches that true freedom is embracing who we are.  Abandoning our nature is not freedom, it leads to death.

The simple reality is, atheism focuses on the body and chemical reactions and believes that there is no immaterial part of humans.  Atheism believes that we are the products of chemical reactions and that everything we do is a result of material entities.  Transgenderism focuses on the soul and not the chemistry, anatomy or chromosomes of the human being.  This is focused only on how one feels and identifies.  These two worldviews cannot coexist.  If transgender identity is real than atheism is false.

As the trans identity issue is discussed, let us go to a proponent atheism to see clear examples habit transgender identity issue defeats the atheist worldview.  Let us examine Bill Nye the Science Guy.  In these videos, we see that he confuses the argument for transgender identity and Christianity.  We see that he confuses science with feelings.

Ice Cream Sexuality – Bill Nye Saves the World (

Bill Nye on Sexuality and Gender Spectrum (

Great resource on the subject: Transgender by Vaughan Roberts (


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