Is Christianity True?

Written by Josiah Nichols

December 14, 2023

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Is Christianity true? First question to ask is what is truth.


Is Christianity true? The first question to ask is, “What is true?” Andrew Rappaport posted a debate he had with an atheist named Bill at a Christian school. The debate can be seen on Apologetics Live under Debate: Is Christianity True. The subject was to either prove or disprove Christianity as truth. The first thing Andrew does in this debate is establish how one determines truth.

What is Truth?

In his opening statement, Andrew asks how we determine whether or not something is truth. The first criteria is whether or not it comes from God. There are two types of religions in this world: those which are human made, and that which comes from God. The first type of religion is man’s attempt to come to God through good works. Islam has the five pillars, Judaism has the Law, and LDS says people do all they can do, then they get God’s grace. Yet, the other type of religion is God made. God reveals himself in history to people, chooses them as the nation to bring the Messiah. Then God provides the Messiah, Christ, the anointed one. Then this Messiah lives a sinless life as seen by eyewitnesses. After that, He fulfills prophesy, dies on the cross to pay the penalty for sin, and rises from the dead.

The first type of religion isn’t true in that it’s manmade and men constantly disagree on what needs to be done in order to earn eternal bliss. But Christianity is 100% true in its tenants, expectations, fulfillment, and overall communication.

What is the Attack on Truth?

The atheist has to attack this truth. They dismiss such claims as being nothing more than faith, the testimonies of religious zealots. Are the testimonies reliable? At this point Bill responded to attacks from the area of textual criticism. Textual criticism is the study of ancient texts to understand whether or not the text was a genuine writing. For example, there are over 5,800 manuscripts of the New Testament in Greek. Since there are around 138,200 words in the New Testament, there are bound to be differences in copies. The differences add up to about 400,000 differences. it sounds like a problem until you look at the quality of the differences.

Rappaport has a chart spelling out the value of the differences in the Bible. Over 75% of the errors are in spelling. That is not significant. The “not meaningful” variants are 19%. They constitute scribal copying errors. The meaningful-but-not-viable errors make up 5%. The meaningful-and-viable errors are 1%; however, they do not affect any doctrine. As Andrew says, “Therefore, we can say that the New Testament is 99.95% accurate.” [1] This just shows that the Bible is the most accounted for ancient text in the world.


Is Christianity True? Bill failed to prove that Christianity is false. Since He attacked the claims of the eyewitness accounts and he fell short of disproving them, he lost the debate. The Bible proves it is true from the accurate eyewitness accounts, fulfilled prophesy, and saving people by grace through faith. At the end of the debate Rappaport shared the gospel with Bill and prayed for his salvation. May he come to faith.

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[1] Andrew Rappaport, “Biblical Reliability of the Text”, What Do We Believe? (PA, Striving for Eternity Ministries, 2019).

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