Podcast Co-Host(s)

Written by Coleen Sharp

April 3, 2019

So You Want To Be A Podcaster | Episode 6


On this week’s episode Coleen and Andrew discuss co-hosts. Do you need a co-host? What things should you consider when looking for a co-host? How should you organize podcast responsibilities?


  • Do you need a co-host?
    • Permanent vs. Guest co-host
    • Why you might want a co-host
  • Test your chemistry
  • Humor, seriousness, etc
  • Strong personalities can collide
    • Can be awkward
    • Can end relationships
  • Solo shows or solo interviews
  • Everything scripted or ad hoc or in the middle
    • Need an outline
  • How many co-host


  • What sorts of topics


  • Have a planning meeting
  • When you’ll record
  • Shared responsibility vs. Just show up
  • Who is going to lead
    • Who starts the show
    • Who keeps you on topic
  • Have set responsibilities
    • Know who will do what
      • Editing
      • Preparing
      • Social media
  • Guest
    • Who is going to schedule
    • Will your guest clash with one of the co-hosts
  • Have a plan for disagreements

Be Flexible

  • Things change
    • Work
    • Marriage
    • Baby
    • Life


  • Yes you are friends today but …….
    • Know who owns the podcast
    • Make a plan before the break-up

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