Growing in Grace


A Bible study designed for discipling new or young believers

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This study guide is an introduction to the basic principles of Christianity to be used with new or young believers. It is a great tool for training your children or homeschooling. This is designed to be used to assist in one-on-one discipleship. Growing in Grace is designed to have the new believer study the lesson on their own and fill in the blanks and then get together with the person discipling them to review the lesson and check their answers. Most people can find the answers to the fill-in the blanks by using their Bible (NKJV works best).

Lessons include:
• Salvation
• Prayer
• The Bible
• Baptism
• The Church
• The Lord's Table
• Testing
• Obedience
• Holiness
• Stewardship
• Evangelism
• Christian Home


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