Rapp Report Daily 0385

Is God Fair?

Now, this often comes up when speaking of the extermination of the Canaanites, and somehow, God is not fair, that He would basically wipe out a whole group of people. Let us deal with the first issue of is God fair? Then we will deal with the Canaanites. So is God fair? Absolutely! He must be because of the very definition of what is fair comes from the nature of God. That is how we know what fair and unfair is, it comes from the very nature of God. Therefore, there is no way to even have a standard to judge what is fair and unfair without first precluding God. And the only absolute, universal standard that you can have to judge what something is fair is God Himself, His nature. So Yes, God is fair. But what about the Canaanites? Wiping out a whole group of people? That does not seem fair? Well, those Canaanites should have been killed? The moment they disobeyed God's law, they should have had justice. God was long-suffering with them, but they were so rebellious they ended up having even their children killed. Yes, even the animals. Yes, because they were so wicked. They were training children as young as four, five years old, to be raped to be having sex with animals. The animals did not know the difference between the animals would keep having sex with humans. The whole population had been wiped out because that was God's justice on a wicked population.

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