Can God Make a Rock so Big He Can’t Lift It?

Written by Andrew Rappaport

September 3, 2019

Rapp Report Daily 0392

Can God Make a Rock so Big He Can’t Lift It?

This is some of the arguments some people try to make as if they think this is a real good logical proof that God cannot exist. They asked questions like, can God make a rock so big He cannot lift it? Or could God get lost? Or different things like this. And although a lot of people think it is a really great argument, it shows a lack of understanding of things like logic, because what this is, is a logical fallacy known as a category error. Why is it because they think that if God is all-powerful, then he can make anything and if He can make anything, He can make a rock that is so heavy, that even He cannot lift it. The thing that you have to understand is that God is God and those qualities that make him God do not change. So the thing you have to understand about this is His nature. So when they talk about the nature of God being that He is omnipotent and then trying to use that as the creator and put those at odds with one another. Well, the simple answer is God, He is the creator. He can create anything. And any rock He creates, He can lift because He is that powerful. He does not even need to lift it because He is outside of matter. So It is a logical fallacy when people use this kind of argument.

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