What is YHWH?

Written by Andrew Rappaport

September 23, 2019

Rapp Report Daily 0406

What is YHWH?

What is YHWH? We sometimes see that people refer to this and sometimes it is referred to as Jehovah. This is what is this is known as the Tetragrammaton, from the Greek, “tetra” meaning four and “grammaton” means letters thus the compound is “four letters”. Now, they could be YHWH, or since there is no ‘y’ in the Hebrew it would actually be JHVH. So there you end up seeing why people say Jehovah. Some people pronounce this as Yahweh because they are looking at just the consonants. Now remember, in Hebrew, there are no vowels in the writing. So you have to have the vowels spoken to know what vowels are there. Well, this term is something we see in Exodus 3:14 where Moses comes to God, and says, who are you, and He says, “I am that I am”. “I am” that is that four-letter word and Jewish people do not want to break the second commandment and use God’s name in vain so they never pronounce it they always substitute the word, Adonai. So where do we get Jehovah from Jehovah comes from those consonants, JHVH, and the vowels from Elohim, making the word Jehovah. So this is a name that was so sacred in Judaism, they would not even pronounce it.

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