What Was God Doing Before he Created the Universe?

Written by Andrew Rappaport

October 1, 2019

Rapp Report Daily 0412

What Was God Doing Before he Created the Universe?

What was God doing before he created the universe? Well, this question is a little bit of a logical fallacy. This is a fallacy called a category error. So the reason this is is that this question itself ignores the very nature and attributes of God. When we ask the question, what was God doing before?

Well, it has that word before in it. And therefore that is a time-based question. Now God is eternal. He had no beginning and has no end unlike you and I that had a beginning and will live forever. We would be immortal but God is eternal. He had no beginning and no end he is actually outside of time.

He created time. Therefore when we ask a question that requires. Something being bound by time such as the question, what was God doing before anything? It requires him to be bound by time. And God is not bound by time. God is outside of it. You and I are bound by time and that is what makes this question one that gets asked often but very hard for us to conceptualize the fact that God is outside of time.

We cannot comprehend that in any way. So the question itself is difficult for us, but we have to understand the very nature and attributes of God is that he is eternal therefore the question is illogical because God is not a being that is affected or Bound by time. He is timeless. He is eternal.

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