Theology Gals | Episode 7 | Anglicanism

Written by Andrew Rappaport

March 27, 2017


On this episode of Theology Gals Ashley and Coleen talk with Chuck Collins about Anglicanism. Chuck is a Pastor and author of Reformation Anglicanism.
As mentioned on the episode:
Reformed Acronyms and Abbreviations
Resources for this episode:
John Fonville – Why be Anglican?

Part 1 & Part 2
Resources recommended by Chuck:
Reformation Anglicanism: Biblical – Generous – Beautiful, by Chuck Collins

Reformation Anglicanism, ed. Ashley Null and John Yates III
Thomas Cranmer and the Doctrine of Repentance, Ashley Null
The Protestant Face of Anglicanism, Paul F. M. Zahl
Thomas Cranmer (biography), Diarmaid MacCulloch
Comfortable Words: Essays in Honor of Paul F.M. Zahl, ed. Koch and Brewer
The Rise of Moralism: C. Fitzsimons Allison
Richard Hooker: and the Authority of Scripture, Tradition and Reason, Nigel Atkinson
Brahmin Prophet: Phillips Brooks and the Rise of Liberal Protestantism, Gillis J. Harp
Five English Reformers, J.C. Ryle
Theology of the English Reformers, Philip Edgecumbe Hughes
Richard Hooker, W. Bradford Littlejohn
William Wilberforce, Eric Metaxas
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis

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