A Christian’s Open Letter To America

Written by Bud Ahlheim

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January 7, 2021

The following words were penned by Dale Corbett.  We believe they express what many American Christians may be thinking during these tumultuous times and thought them worthy of sharing with you –  Bud Ahlheim

January 6, 2021

This is a day that will live in my memory for the rest of my life. There are several things that I remember well. However, this year, this day is one that is sure to be a greater memory than many others, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the explosion of the space shuttle, the attack by Muslims on the towers in New York City.

This is the day that all our freedoms and rights, fought for by HEROES in past wars, died. This is the day those who fought and lived and those who fought and died, fought and died in vain. We are no longer free from tyranny or evil government. This is the day that the 4th of July died! This is the day that Memorial Day should be celebrated in sackcloth and ashes because those who died to protect our freedom would surely also see this day as a day of sorrow.

We can no longer fly the stars and bars of freedom proudly because it no longer represents a country with the freedoms our founding fathers gave us. Those who brought us to this day by their support for the pending tyrannical government deserve what shall come. But do not tell me you love this country and love our flag because you do not. You hate this country and what it stands for and those of us who love freedom and the capitalist system. Those values have built the greatest country in the world. That is why you have supported the destruction of this great country. Those who supported the fundamental change of the country are traitors and defectors for selfish and self-centered reasons.

Eventually, you will support the effort to eliminate me and those like me who believe in the original values of this country and the values that we get from our freedoms given to us by God. These are the fundamentals you hate and need to eliminate because you cannot relinquish your own selfishness and put your faith in the God of creation.

You talk about Christians for their intolerance and how we try to push God and Christian values down your throats. Where is your tolerance? Your destructive hateful values are being pushed down our throats by force, manipulation, and downright deceitful ways. But you must remember, no matter what, God is still in control. You may think you are winning the fight against God but that will never happen. This world and what takes place are still in the hands of God who orchestrates all things by His sovereign providence. What you do is at the will of God. Nothing takes place that does not pass through His hands which means, whatever happens, happens because God allows it to. He allows things to take place to accomplish His will.

However, it is the wrath of God that you should be concerned about and which you should fear because it is God who can kill you and throw your soul into hell. The most man can do is kill you or deprive you of freedom. I may hate the destruction of America, but I know God is in control. I can live and do my best in this world until God takes me out of it. My hope is in the love and work of Jesus for salvation and restoration to God. Jesus’ work in the life He lived and the death He suffered, satisfied the wrath of God for those who understand their current status as a wretched person who deserves God’s wrath and come to Jesus through repentance, trust, and faith. If this is not your hope, I pity you who will face God on the appointed day. There will not be any negotiations on that day. You will fall on your face before a Holy God, the just and righteous judge of the world and of all things.

I am just thankful that this life is temporary, but life with God is forever and marvelous. May God have mercy on us all.

Dale Corbett

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