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The Striving for Eternity Academy is online discipleship equipping people for eternity. Laying a foundation of Bible interpretation and systematic theology that many would get in higher education. This foundation provides clear teaching from the Word of God to answer the questions of life in the areas of social and moral ethics.


Our academy is free online for anyone willing to learn. The courses are archived for future use and we pray that you will find them useful and if you know of anyone who would benefit from them, please share. There are times that we provide live learning courses, if you sign up, we’ll keep you informed of these courses as they are produced and scheduled.

We offer resources and study guides that can be found in our resource area and online store. These will help the serious student have a more grounded experience in the courses as well as provide a complete resource that can be used for years to come, maybe even to teach others. Don’t forget that SFE can also come to your church or group and provide a one or two-day seminar on many topics. If you have an interest, please let us know!

Take a peek at our study guides, books, and apologetic resources.

School of Biblical Hermeneutics

Understanding how to read and interpret Scripture can be troublesome at times. Hermeneutics is the science of interpretation and believe it or not, anyone can do it.

These twenty lectures will guide you through the most vital writing in the history of the world so that you can not just grasp your bible, but live your bible. This course is a must for all believers.

School of Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology is the groundwork for nearly all theological and biblical studies. These eighty lectures will carry you through the totality of the theological systems. We recommend picking up the study guide for these.


School of Discipleship

Jesus is clear, “Go Make Disciples.” SO, what are you waiting for? It’s not always that easy. After all, we all need to BE discipled before we can help grow others.

This 23 lecture course will get you started on the basic principles of the Christian faith and introduce you to ideal ways to understand and teach others to know the truth of being a disciple of Christ.

School of World Religions

How many gods are there in the world? It seems like everyone must just have their own name and version on how to “find god” right? That’s not the case. World religions are not other angles of spiritual truth.

Scripture tauts to be the ONLY way to eternal life. Join us with these 25 lectures to get a sense of clarity in the sea of confusion on world religions.

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