Debate: Slick v Rappaport: Are the Charismatic Gifts for Today?

Written by Andrew Rappaport

July 1, 2024

Matt Slick and I debated at the Utah Christian Research Center in Draper, Utah, on 6/22/2024; the topic was “Are the Charismatic Gifts for Today?”  Matt Slick affirms that all the charismatic gifts are available to the church today. Andrew Rappaport denies it. To be clear, Matt Slick disapproves of the charismania that so many churches exhibit. There is a lot of fakery within Christianity regarding speaking in tongues, prophecy, and other charismatic-related issues. Both Slick and Rappaport agree that Charismania is, unfortunately, alive and well. Please note that Matt and Andrew did not enter the debate to win. We are both good friends. Both sought to educate the audience based on different views but disagreed with love and charity.

Feel free to download Matt’s PowerPoint slides for examination and use them in your studies on charismatic gifts.  Also, review Andrew’s notes that he referred to in The New Testament Case for Fading Miracles. This article documents the lack of miracles through Biblical history.


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