A Quick Announcement

Due to the recent passing of his grandmother, James provides a quick update on the recent launch of 5 Solas Ministries! Listen for a discount code for t-shirts and gospel tracts ONLY for podcast listeners! Visit us online: Become a monthly...

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Doctrine of Election

Election   The Doctrine of Election is one of the most divisive subjects amongst evangelicals.  Basically, it is the doctrine that answers the question ‘Does God determine who will be saved, or does man?”  For many people, this is a rather disturbing theological...

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“Free Will” is … not really

“Free Will” is … not really…     The term “free will” is used by people to mean several different things.  And frankly, for a term not even found in Scripture, it’s something that we need to nail down if we are going to be using it.  What does the Bible say...

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