Does Evolution Disprove the Gospels?

Written by Josiah Nichols

January 5, 2024

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Does evolution, molecules to man, prove the gospel wrong?


Does evolution disprove the gospels? This was one of Bill Kluck’s arguments at Andrew Rappaport’s debate. One of his arguments is since Luke only goes back to Adam in Jesus’ genealogy then the gospels are not historically accurate. This brings up the question, “Does evolution disprove the gospels?” In short, we will find the answer to be “No.”

What is History?

History is the study of events in the past as recorded by either people who experienced those events or by people who took down testimony from the eyewitnesses. Therefore, history is a science of assimilating testimony from first, second, and thirdhand accounts. Hence, the firsthand accounts being the most reliable. The gospels are history because they were written by eyewitnesses or a compilation of eyewitness accounts as in Luke (Luke 1:1-4).

Is Evolution History?

This brings us to the question “Is evolution historical?” If evolution were historical, it would have eyewitness accounts. However, it is a mythology. Mythology involves looking at nature to describe how things work, both now and in the past. Evolution tries to do history with what we observe today (fossils, rock layers, mutations) and use them to describe what has happened in the past. The Canaanite worshippers used to do that with the seasons. They observed rain falling and believed it was Baal, the storm god, having intercourse with Asherah, the goddess of fertility.

It is also important to note no one has observed one kind of animal evolve into another species. This presents a problem for evolutionists claiming their myth to be history.

What about Sub-humans?

Following this argument an atheist might ask “What about Lucy or Nebraska Man or some other subhuman we have found?” The problem with these arguments is that we have only found bones. Bones do not come with dates on them. The bones we find are either human, ape, or–in the case of Nebraska man–a pig tooth. There are too many assumptions placed into these supposed subhuman categories to take it seriously as history. It is not observable science, nor is it history. Therefore, it is obviously myth.


The gospel accounts are more reliable as history than evolution because they were written by eyewitnesses whose claims were falsifiable at the time they were written. Luke’s genealogy is accurate because it was written by eyewitness documentation of the genealogies in the Old Testament. Those genealogies were eye-witnessed by the people of those time periods and–most importantly–God himself. Therefore, there is no room for error.

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