What is the Christian Response to Hamas?

Written by Josiah Nichols

November 30, 2023

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What is the Christian Response to Hamas?


What is the Christian response to Hamas? In the Apologetics Live episode Christian Response to Israel and Open Q&A, the hosts answer the challenge to the war between Israel and Hamas. The challenge of this war is the lack of information and the abundance of disinformation surrounding this topic. Anti-Semitic leftist news media hates not only Jewish people, but also the state of Israel. Hosts Chriss Huff and Drew Von Nieda help answer this challenge in the best way a Christian can in this situation.

What is Hamas?

Hamas was established in 1988. They are responsible for several attacks on Israel and Christians over their thirty year establishment. Hamas is dedicated to making Islam a world religion through violence and intimidation. Its constitution is a literal reading of the Quran. On October 7th Hamas soldiers attacked Israel, kidnapped babies and children, and decapitated them. This launched an all-out war between Hamas and Israel, with Israel bent on destroying this organization by any means necessary for their own protection. Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel, the Jewish people, and Christians. They are militant Jihadists.

What Do We do with Information of the War?

Most of the information coming out from the war has been misleading. One article on CNN says, “The devastating Gaza hospital blast is shrouded in uncertainty. Here’s what we know, and what we don’t.” This article presents information from both sides of the argument, all the while, giving what Hamas says credibility. The Daily Wire says Hamas uses hospitals as shields to keep them from being bombed in their article, “Inside Hamas’ Hospitals from Hell.” This brings up the question as to what Christians need to do about the information from the war. The hosts from Apologetics Live say we wait till we have better information.

When asked what Christians should do with the information that Israel bombed a church, Chris Huff said we wait till we have enough information to know what is going on. We know they hide weapons under Mosques, hospitals, and churches to keep Israel from bombing them. Also, they hide behind women, children, and the innocent to keep from dying. We should not trust the liberal media when it comes from information about the war. They lie about Christians, Israel, and anything which hurts their communist agenda.

What Should Christians Do About the War?

This leads us to consider what Christians should do. One thing to remember is that the majority of both sides do not know Christ. Therefore, both sides will be sent to Hell if they do not know the Savior. Hence, Christians should pray for the salvation of both the people who belong to Hamas and Israel.

The second thing Christians should do is share the gospel with every person. This should include Israelites . . . and Hamas. It is not hard to share the gospel. Christians can share the gospel by handing out tracts, like those from Living Waters. Also, Christians can share the gospel on social media. Christians should also share the gospel in person by talking to their friends, neighbors, family members, and people on college campuses.

Third, Christians should trust in the Lord to handle this situation. God is sovereign. That means God does whatever He wants. Also, He is in control. He is working all things together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28).


What is the Christian response to Hamas? We do not believe every little thing we see on social media or the liberal news media. Also, Christians should trust the Sovereign Lord of all creation. Therefore, Christians should not worry. Hence, Christians should share the gospel of Christ. The gospel says all are wretched sinners who deserve to go to Hell. Yet, God in His mercy sent the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for sin. He lived a sinless life. Therefore, he is the perfect substitute for human sin. Also, he rose from the dead, proving He is the Son of God. So God calls all men everywhere to repent and trust in Him. Jesus Christ is Lord. Submit to Him

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